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Animal Clubs Insurance

Animal Clubs Insurance

As your club prepares for the upcoming dog show, dog sled race, fly-ball event, or agility trials, no doubt you’ve invested a lot of time and energy planning, preparing, and working hard to make sure your event is a success. But did your preparation include obtaining insurance coverage for accidents, injuries, or damages that could occur at your event?

No one ever plans on accidents happening, but it’s always smart to be prepared. Any activity comes with a little risk, and you don’t want to be left with the full financial consequences of an accident. So make sure your non-profit dog or animal club is covered with general liability insurance from Sportsmen’s Insurance Agency Plan!

Why Choose Sportsmen’s Insurance Agency Plan?

For over 30 years, Sportsmen’s Insurance Agency Plan has worked specifically with non-profit dog and animal clubs, providing the coverage that they need. The General Liability policy covers your club for their negligence that results in third party bodily injury and/or property damage.

All of our policies are written with an admitted “A” rated (AM Best Rated) insurance company. This means that all our policies have been approved by your State’s Insurance Department and are backed financially by your state if the insurance company were to fail. A non-admitted carrier does not have these same financial guarentees. If a non-admitted carrier becomes insolvent there is no guarantee that your claim will be paid and your organization could be left unprotected. Finding an admitted, well rated insurance company to purchase your insurance policy from is an important step in choosing your organizations insurance program.

Our Customers Come First

Our knowledge of the dog/animal club business helps us provide each of our customers with superior customer service. Our background allows us to understand industry-specific situations and jargon that other companies wouldn’t fully understand.

The customer service representatives at Sportsmen's Insurance Agency Plan are able and eager to answer your questions and provide you with the assistance you need. We value each of our clients and are committed to taking care of your needs first.

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