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Special Risk Insurance

Special Risk Insurance

When you organize a club event, you’re not planning on an accident. But sometimes accidents do happen, and the resulting medical costs can potentially drain your club’s finances.

Special Risk Accident insurance protects your club in the event of any accident that results in an injury. It covers club members, volunteers, and even officials at all of your organized club functions, such as:

  • Shows
  • Field trials
  • Training classes
  • Sled dog races
  • Meetings
  • Agility classes and events
  • Fly-ball activities
  • Therapy visits
  • Breed rescue activities
  • And many, many more

Why Should My Club Have an Accident Policy?

You want your club’s organized functions to focus on the love for the animals in your lives, and not be ruined by an accident. Accidents are a part of life, but you don’t want an injury to spell the end of your club.

The medical expenses from a serious accident could easily exceed the funds in your treasury by far. But, with Special Risk Accident Insurance, medical expenses are covered up to $100,000, and all your members, volunteers and officials are included in the policy.

A Special Risk Accident Policy is Affordable

The cost of an accident policy is surprisingly small, but the benefits are huge. It will take very little from your budget, but it could wind up saving your club in the long run.

Customizable to Fit Your Club’s Needs

Your club is unique, and we offer diverse options to insure you against accidents. We can help you find a policy that covers your needs, and leaves out anything unnecessary.

We take pride in getting to know our clients individually. We are interested in your club’s passions because we want to protect what you love.

For more information, contact us today for a FREE consultation.