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Bonds Insurance

from Sportsmen's Insurance Agency Plan

Bonds Insurance

A dog club represents hard work and a big investment of time and money. We form these clubs because of our love for the animals in our lives—but often the last thing on our minds is that a fellow club member might be dishonest.

While you may not expect someone to steal from your club, theft of club funds by members is more common than you might think. If you were to wake up one day to an empty account, could your club survive the blow?

You may not be able to predict an act of dishonesty, but fidelity bonds can protect you from the potential consequences.

What Are Fidelity Bonds?

Fidelity bonds offer protection against the theft of your club’s funds. They are a form of insurance that protect your club against fraudulent acts by employees or members.

A Blanket Fidelity Policy provides you with the security of knowing your club can survive an act of dishonesty.

Two Layers of Protection

Fidelity Bonds protect your club in two ways:

  • Cover financial losses from dishonest acts - A fidelity bond will replace money that is stolen by a covered officer of your club, allowing you to continue with your club’s organized events and operations.
  • Require responsible record-keeping

As a condition of the bond, your club will be required to keep detailed and accurate records, which will be audited annually. This discourages dishonesty, and in the case of a theft it helps verify the exact amount of any loss.

Protect Your Club’s Future—Today

For more information about how your club can benefit from fidelity bonds, call Sportsmen's Insurance Agency Plan today at 929-294-7297!