At Sportsmen's Insurance Agency Plan "we're the best in our class" when it comes to providing coverage to dog clubs nationwide. For nearly 30 years we have been writing liability insurance to over 3000 dog clubs of various shapes and sizes. We stand alone when it comes to providing your dog club with the best suited policy.  Here are some of the policies we believe that are the best in their class:

Commercial General Liability Coverage 
Protection for your dog club if injury or damage occur to a third party as a result of the club's negligence. 

Blanket Fidelity Bonding

Protection for your dog club as a result of theft. 

Inland Marine

Coverage for your dog club-owned equipment incidental to club operations. 

Special Risk Accident Policy

Coverage for injuries sustained by dog club members, judges, volunteers and officials at club-sponsored events. 

Directors and Officers Liability Policy

Safeguard your personal and dog club's assets in the event of a law suit. 

Business Owner's Policy/Trainers Policy

Kennel insurance for individuals who own and operate their own kennels as well as trainers.

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Sportsmen's has the expertise to help you select a coverage that can minimize your exposures.

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